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We know you have a myriad of options when deciding where to have your next health and wellness session of bodywork or skincare. We want to help make your decision easier so here is a little snapshot of Mystic Massage & Wellness:

We offer unique services such as, Skincare with Mystic MedSkin, Foot Reflexology, Reiki and different types of massage such as CBD Massage & Healing Touch Massage.

Looking for anti-aging skincare? We have it! And all the fixings. Call to schedule your FREE consultation with Jeannine.

We have distinctive packages such as our B.F.F and Sole-to-Soul, along with buy a certain denomination of massages and receive special savings. (Example: Buy 3 60 minute Therapeutic Massages save 10%)

Check out these fantastic savings, and more on our website!

B.F.F = Best Friends Forever!

o 2 60 minute Relaxation Massages and 2 30 minute Medical Microdermabrasion treatments for you and a friend!

Sole-to-Soul = Reflexology AND Reiki

o Truly allow your body to heal itself with this 30 minute Reflexology session followed by 30 minutes of Reiki to complete your health and wellness hour!

Here is a little info of our unique bodywork services:

Reflexology is a precise, healing foot massage that brings your body back to homeostasis by stimulating reflex points on your hands, feet and ears through touch. These points correspond to all the organs, bones, systems and makings of your body & stimulating them allows your body to heal from within! It is recommended to do reflexology every 4 – 6 weeks to be proactive in managing your health!

Below are a few of the benefits your body will drink in with only 1 session a month.

Interested in coming to meet us already? Well, here’s more to add to that list.

o Stabilize hormones to relieve depression, anxiety and promote pregnancy

o Shorten healing time after surgery, no matter how small

o Promotes better sleep through increased relaxation

o Increases circulation

o Helps with high OR low blood pressure

How fantastic does that 50 minute foot massage sound?! Try it now. Call to book your 1st session and mention this blog for 15% off!

The Healing Touch Massage can be described as a heart-centered, energy-based approach to health and healing. The practitioner utilizes gentle, non-invasive techniques to clear, energize and balance the human energy system. These techniques assist in the reduction of pain and anxiety and address a variety of other health issues.

One more thing, here’s a tidbit about our staff!

The therapists at Mystic Massage & Wellness, are known for loving their profession:

o Our continuing education and evolving services allow us to accommodate you to the best of our ability. We love educating others of how their body is supposed to feel. All those aches and pains are for a reason and we WANT to help you figure out why and relieve them.

We take time to answer questions:

o If we are unfamiliar with a request or inquiry, we will research it.

You are more than a number:

o You are important and what is causing you discomfort matters. We will work with you to find the best therapist and routine to meet your concern.

We suggest ideas to do at home in between sessions:

o We would love to see you everyday to work out those knots or balance your chakras, but we would never sleep! So, in the meantime, we will give you ideas to do at home while you wait

We are fun!

We are excited to help you relax with us. See you soon!

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