Alternative Therapy: The original Medicine

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

There is something to be said about a treatment that has been around, working without

flaw for thousands of years. Massage and Reflexology have been used to treat aliments

of all kinds, from illness to injury, and as preventative care routines by the Ancient

Egyptians and Chinese.

Reflexology uses your body’s own healing process when the certified reflexologist

provides this precise, therapeutic foot massage. The Therapist applies pressure to

specific reflex points, that correspond to all organs & systems of your body.

These holistic/alternative modalities have been proven successful in research studies

and by standing the test of time. “Alternative/Holistic medicine” predated modern

medicine by thousands of years! So, when you are deciding if you want to “spend

money on yourself” think of it as putting it into preventative care/alternative medicine.

There are many benefits to Massage Therapy. To name a few: it improves circulation,

lowers high blood pressure, manages stress, decreases pain from headaches & joint


Reflexology helps heal and lessen recovery time after surgery, balance hormones, clear

congestion, improve sleep, manage pain & used with cancer patients to control side

effects of chemotherapy.

Check out this study published by Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

“It just snowballs into wonderful things,” adds Mathay LMT. “When reflexology helps

with relaxation or helps with one symptom, it seems to also help improve the other


So keep up your self-care to live your best life, and remember, you live your entire life in

this body, if you don’t take care of it, how can it take care of you?

See you soon! Check back next month for what make us stand apart from everyone


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