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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Hi! Welcome back. If you’re new here, fantastic! We are Mystic Massage & Wellness, and “Wellness” is a huge piece of who we are. All our clients are treated as individuals, not numbers, we strive to provide the best experience personalized to each of you.

I don’t know if it’s something in the air, the energy coming into the planet or what’s going on, but so many people I encounter are going through some major shifts in their life. Be it career, relationships, navigating life changes and they share something else in the new binoculars they have put on; establishing themselves as a priority, seems to be the focus.

You can’t fill someone else’s cup, if your cup is empty.

The relaxing massage or treating yourself to a facial, is more than Self-care, it’s PREVENTATIVE means of health. Supporting your organs and systems is essential. Being aware of changes is crucial so you can recognize and treat them accordingly. Massage, reflexology & reiki are that support.

Habitually partaking in these regimens, have the following benefits and more!

· Recognizing changes in your body, internal & external

· Detoxifying

· Increased blood circulation

· Manage pain

· Reduce symptoms of depression & anxiety

So, let’s start to refill YOUR cup!

“People often ask if there are any evidence-based studies to substantiate the claims clients make of reflexology. There are hundreds.” Here's a link with some study based data.

This link is from Reflexology Association of America ( for a controlled test conducted over 2 years in regard to pain management with reflexology following general surgery:

“Can Reiki help my pain?”

Reduction of stress and pain sensations. Regardless of what ailment reiki is being used to treat, it may provide the added benefits of reduced stress and lessened sensations of pain (

See you soon!

Team MMW

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