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The end of Summer is here and we are expressing gratitude for all the sunshine with our Sturgeon Full Moon self-love night!

The Full Moon in August is often associated with gratitude, adaptation, perseverance, and flourishing. Like the Sturgeon fish, that has overcome obstacles over millions of years to continue being here, you have also overcome tough times and persevered! That alone is so much to celebrate.

On August 21st, we will be hosting Tarot reading, Chakra balance sessions, Reiki, Himalayan salt stone massage, and Therapeutic Cupping mini sessions so that you may fill your self-love night with wellness practices of your choice.

Join us for a full moon night of relaxing wellness sessions to celebrate yourself, and give thanks to all the days of Summer as we prepare to enter a new season in the coming weeks.

Walk-ins are welcomed and RSVPing your session time slots are encouraged! This is a cash only event.

Energy Work
- Reiki with Melissa
- Tarot Readings


Body Work
- Experience healing Himalayan Salt Stone massage with Amanda
- Mini Therapeutic Cupping with Melissa


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