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The November moon symbolizes reflecting over all that we have achieved over the year. As we head into the winter and holiday season, we take this time to look inward, acknowledging all that we have overcome and celebrating ourselves.
Every full Moon has its own name based on the month or the season in which it appears. Creating a name for each full Moon allowed for people to reflect on each season and to contemplate how it affects us. November's full moon is often associated with saying goodbye to the year and shifting our focus inward. This is the time to recognize how incredible we are, and everything we have been able to overcome. 

On Saturday, November 20th, we will be hosting our Moon Mini Sessions Night filled with Oracle readings, Reiki, Skincare, Himalayan Salt Stone & Relaxation massages so that you may fill your self-love night with as many wellness practices of your choice.

Join us and tend to your Mind, Body, & Soul.

Walk-ins are welcomed and RSVPing your session time slots are encouraged!
Refreshments provided. This is a cash only event.

Energy Work

- 25min Reiki with Hana  

- Oracle Readings $30/15min or $60/30min


Body Work

- 20 min Signature Facial with Arielle

25min Himalayan Salt Stone with Amanda H $45

- 25min Relaxation with Laura $35


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