Energy Wellness



Reiki is a form of hands-on-healing based on the idea that energy (chi), flows through the body. This life force energy can become disrupted through everyday stresses. The therapist channels this energy to the client, releasing restrictions within the body allowing for the return of physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. The client remains clothed. After a session, most people feel both relaxed and rejuvenated. Other benefits may include improved well being, decrease in pain and improved mood.

Chakra Balancing Session


Feeling a little off or stuck in a rut? Empower yourself with a Chakra Balancing Session. Chakras become unbalanced due to the stresses of everyday life, and throw the whole body out of balance. The Chakra system is complex and involves all systems; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and karmic. Soothing music is played while Reiki is used to realign and bring the Chakras into balance. Crystals, music therapy, energy healing and Reiki are incorporated as a total treatment, providing energy, peace, and focus.

Inside & Out Wellness Package


Receive a 60 minute Relaxation Massage to settle your energy and soothe those achey spots. Afterwards, experience the soul-nurturing benefits of a 60 minute Reiki session to truly help you feel GOOD inside and out! Perfect for when you need a boost to be your best self. Also makes a beautiful gift for someone you feel deserves utter pampering.